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Its time to Upgrade Yourself Creatively ?

Welcome to my Creative Training World

Learn a Creative Skill and increase your financial status!

Creative Training provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to perform tasks or handle situations effectively. As individuals gain competence through training, their confidence grows. Increased confidence leads to better performance, willingness to take on challenges, and a positive mindset.

In today's rapidly evolving world, training in the creative plays a crucial role in helping individuals adapt to changes and acquire new competencies. By being open to learning and continuously improving, individuals can remain relevant, flexible, and versatile in their personal and professional lives. Most importantly people can learn new ways of increasing their income.

Here are some of the creative courses we Suggest that you can do at Annie Gees College


Swimwear and Lingerie

Floral Arranging Course

Wreath Making Course

Advance Dressmaking

African Clothes Making

Event Planning, Décor and Management

One day Balloon Master Class

Tailoring Ladies

Drapery and Valance Making

Interior Decorating Course

One Day Drapery Making Course

Bridal and Formal Wear

Sheet set and Cushion Making

Table Scaping and Settings

Business Start-up Courses

At Annie Gees Creative Institute we want to make your wildest Creative Dream come true.

Visit us at

Creative Training is what we do... Let us hear from you now at 876 788 0106

Click this link now register and we will be in touch to give you more information on the courses we teach.

Courses Start Soon

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