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Why Study at Annie Gee's? Here are 10 Reasons

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Annie Gee’s School of Fashion prides itself in being Jamaica’s Most Recommended Private Fashion and Creative School with over 40 years Serving Jamaica and the Caribbean. Located in the heart of St. Andrew, Half Way Tree Area, students island wide flock to secure a spot in our prestigious institution. They have the right to. Here are 10 Reasons why Annie Gee’s School of Fashion will become your school of choice.

  • God Motivated

Annie Gee’s School of Fashion is a Christian Institution, though it is not church affiliated. Our principles are founded on Christian principles. We do according to the will of God.

  • Comprehensive Annie Gee’s School of Fashion offers comprehensive programs that ensure that students learn applied techniques. Our programs are compact, however, the information has been dissected into digestible sessions. Our programs range from 2 hours to 9 months in length.

  • Expertise Annie Gee’s has been around for over 40 years and has experienced industrial changes. This has awarded us the opportunity knowledge needed to develop a rounded program that will help secure a better chance at success.

  • Hands On Experience It is very important to us that our students have hands-on experience with their craft. We are a result and quality driven community of people who are constantly acting upon knowledge gained in each class.

  • Personalized Path We work with students of all educational backgrounds and are able to meet you where you are at. We are a skill based institution that teaches techniques that with proper implementation and completion of assignments, students are guaranteed to see growth in their development.

  • Exposure Our students are exposed to like-minded individuals of varying stages of their creative journey. Students are surrounded by progressive individuals who produce at industry level and will be engrossed in an environment of real-time production of their craft.

  • Industry Changers Annie Gee’s School of Fashion has actively produced some of Jamaica’s most successful and reputable designers. Our students have moved on to live lives as garment manufacturers, fashion designers, seamstresses, event planners and decorators, interior decorators and business operators, to name a few. Many have had their lives transformed for the better on account of the lessons and the environment in which they were nurtured.

  • Nurturing We want the best for our students, that is why we have a personable approach to learning. We nurture students as we aim to plant great seeds on fertile soil. We speak life into our students and we encourage them to do their best. By tracking a student’s progress, we are able to strengthen gray areas so that our students leave improved.

  • Digestible We meet you where you are. Our programs are digestible and break down the different processes into practical applications that can make a rounded person while bridging the gap between learning time and profitability.

  • People Development We are innovative and constantly thinking of ways to better improve the creative industry in Jamaica. We are constantly providing affordable programs ranging from 1 hour sessions to 9 months programs. We are about developing rounded individuals.

At Annie Gee’s, we care about our students and how they develop to become rounded individuals regardless of background and educational standpoint. We are about people development.

Welcome to Annie Gee’s School of Fashion… Register Today! Pay Later.

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