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10 Essentials for Every Event Decorator

Event decorating is a beautiful experience, but imagine arriving onto a worksite and not having the essential tools you need to be successful. That is a recipe for disaster and for failure. It ought not to happen. Nothing is more appealing than seeing a professional who has all their things together. They seem over prepared for the occasion and are able to handle any darts that are thrown in their direction. This allows the client to feel more confident in your abilities and more willing to offer more jobs and recommend your services.

You do not want the client to feel worried about the outcome, so, here are 10 tools every decorator needs in their tool kit.

  • An Extension Cord An extension cord is very beneficial because on most projects it will be needed. The more electrical devices it can safely have to connect to it, the better. I would even add having at least 3 chords will not hurt, because many times you’d like to be using multiple electrical tools at a time and one extension cord would not suffice.

  • Multiple Scissors of Multiple Sizes and Multiple Types Scissors are not only good for cutting things into smaller sizes but they are great for designs. Having multiple scissors at a time can allow the work to move more efficiently. Having multiple types, such as zig zag, spiral and so forth can bring out better creativity.

  • Balloons and Apparatus. Regardless of the occasion, balloons will always have the ability to spruce up any event and bring in an air of elegance. Having standard balloon colours, even if its just 2 of each, can make a huge difference. Some great colors to have are: Light Blue, Light Pink, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and White. It is also great to have a handpump handy and curling ribbons. They are lifesavers.

  • Rulers and Tape Measures It is great to have rulers of different length, preferably a 12 inches ruler would work well and the tape measure can compensate for the lack thereof. Many times on projects you will need to have an idea of the height and width of the space in order to do your quotations and installations. You cannot call yourself an event decorator if you do not walk with these.

  • Tempered Glue Gun and Glue Sticks A tempered glue gun can go both hot and cold. Hot glue guns work, but tempered glue guns give you flexibility and efficiency. They are inexpensive and just as efficient when used at the right temperature. They can work on practically any material including balloons.

  • Notebook or Sketch Pad An event decorator does not attend any consultation or meetings without their notebooks. They are consistently revising plan and needing to jot the most important information down. Sometimes you will need to make mock notations and drawings of concepts for transparency sake whether it is between you and your client or amongst your team.

  • Ponal Glue and Heavy Duty Glue You will need a variety of glues when working in event planning and venue decorating. Different and common situations call for urgent actions where glues will probably save your event. You will need a strong binding glue such as ponal or Gorilla glue for woods, which will be a prominent material in your decorating and fast drying glues such as Krazy Glue are quick for almost anything.

  • Writing Utensils (Pen and Pencils, Fine and Broad Point Markers) You will need a pen for very serious documentation and permanent markings while pencils are great tools for drawings or doing mock ups. Permanent Markers and Pen are very beneficial in creating signage or filling that one little bit of intricacy needed. Great colors to always have on hand are - black, red and blue. Fine tip and broad tips are also beneficial. The greater the variety the better and the more room for creativity.

  • Sewing Kit You will always need a sewing kit to take care of all your creative needs whether it is with flowers or with balloons or with backdrops, you will always need your sewing kit on hand.

  • Your Hardware Tools Your hammers, staple guns, jig-saw machine, screw drivers, drills, nails, are a short list of beneficial hardware tools that you will encounter using in your creative journey. It is worth the investment and they last years.

You do not have to get everything before you can start your journey. You can start your Event Planning and Venue decorating journey without these tools, however, it is imperative that you get the items as you progression your journey. You will be hindering your full potential by not having the right tools and not being prepared for whatever. I assure you, once you have options from each of the suggestions, you will feel prepared to tackle whatever is calling you.

Want to become an Event Decorator? Or would you like to get formal training in Event Planning and Venue Decorating? We have a variety of courses that would interest you. Call our office (876) 906 - 3069 for more info.

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